Twin Flames, A Journey Towards Undonditional Love / Goy Paz (ebook)


This book involves a lot of research and information that helps spiritual travelers to gather tools for the inner journey. It offers profound insights that will help align with Twin Flames’s true mission: awaken to unconditional love. This love is not a feeling for someone but a state of awareness that sees beyond duality. The book offers links to interviews and videoblogs that will give you different perspectives to help you connect with the spiritual dimension of this incredible relationship. Further content details in the description box.

Pages: 142

ISBN: 978-9942-808-23-3

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Twin Flames is a name given to a special encounter with a soul that is our purest reflection at the spiritual level. The personal self may be totally different from the soul it is connected to, which causes the most upheavals in the interaction. This is such a powerful connection that most who go through this situation want to be in union with that significant other, yet there is more to what meets the eye and the ego’s desires for union. This is a spiritual relationship to start with. It brings us closer than ever to spiritual realms so that we start or continue in our journey of awakening to higher realms and deeper truths. Videos and interviews by scanning the QR codes.

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